Specco2 Cleaners Leader in Environmental Cleaning & Conservation Technologies

SPECCo2 and The Serials Cleaner have joined forces to introduce eco-friendly robots for efficient cleaning of public areas such as beaches and tourist sites. Their advanced technology ensures public safety and health while promoting environmental responsibility.

Beach Cleaning

BeBot – Beach cleaning robot

The BeBot is an impressive piece of technology that efficiently screens sand, rakes seaweed, levels expansive beaches, lifts and carries loads, and collects all waste buried within the designated area. The device operates quietly, which enables it to operate unrestricted at any time of day or night.

Surface Water Cleaning

Collec'Thor - Fixed waste collector

Collec’Thor is a reliable system designed to remove both solid and liquid waste that float on the surface of the water. This silent and effective system is installed either at the water’s edge or on floating docks, specifically in areas where marine waste routes have been identified.

Water Surface Cleaning

PixieDrone - Mobile waste collector

PixieDrone is an innovative drone designed specifically for collecting floating waste. With the option to operate it remotely or in autonomous mode, PixieDrone provides an effective solution for quickly identifying and removing waste from collection areas.

Water Purification

InvisiBubble - The bubble curtain

InvisiBubble is a cutting-edge technology that offers a wide range of benefits to preserve the quality of aquatic ecosystems. Its bubble curtain efficiently purifies water, redirects debris and sediment, and contains the spread of hydrocarbons, while providing important protection to wildlife.

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